What is the Redemption Period?

Please note that deletion procedures for .com and .net domains have changed. Due to a recent policy change by Verisign, an additional Redemption Grace Period has been added for .com and .net domain registrations. Upon the deletion due to non-renewal, the Registry automatically places .com and .net domains into a Redemption Period Status for a total of 30 days. 

While in this status a domain can be retrieved only by the previous registrant for a fee of approx £200 (plus vat). Note that this fee is imposed by the registry, and is in addition to any fees due NSDesign for your domain registration and/or hosting. Following the 30 day Redemption Grace Period, these domains are then placed in a Pending Delete Status for five days, after which time, they will be fully deleted and available for registration by anyone. The entire restoration process can take up to a week (5 business days) for full restoration from the time your payment is taken NOT from the time you submit the request. Once restored, it will take an additional 24-48 hours to propagate the entire Internet. 

Please email accounts@nsdesign.net to pay the redemption fee. 

Please note that once a domain has a Pending Delete status We cannot retrieve the domain even if the fee is paid. In order to recover the domain you will need to wait until it is released from the pending delete status and re-register the domain. We therefore cannot guarantee that you will recover the domain name. 
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