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The details associated with Domain Name registration is public information. As such, there is always a "database" of domain information that is available to the public. This is typically called a "whois" database... (kind of like if you own a car, your details are visable to people looking in the DVLA database). 

The whois for Global Domains (.com, .net etc) has always contained FULL contact details of the domain registrant (owner). UK domains (which are all registered via the naming authority - Nominet) have in the past restricted "public" information to just the regsitrant's name. BUT... They are currently changing this to match up with the .com situation, so that the full details of a registrant can be found. All new UK registration for example, now contain much more info in the whois, and Nominet plan to update older records soon... 

There is a way to stop the display of this information, ONLY if you have registered the domain as an "individual" (not a company) and if so, we (as your Nominet Agent) can request your "personal" details be withheld. This only applies to UK domains. Please email if you would like us to modify your domain in this manner (this is referred to as "opting-out" by Nominet). Once your domain is modified in this way, only your name (the registrant) will be shown, and all contact details will be replaced with the following statement: 


UK Domains registered by a Business cannot opt-out. 

It is also possible to "conceal" your details in a .com whois, by using our Private WHOIS Registration service, whereby your details are replaced by those of the registry. Please see our main website for details and pricing.

It is for this very reason of client's privacy that we continually link to Nominet's (and others) Terms and Conditions etc from our own terms page... so that our clients can fully see and understand the implications that registering a domain name will have on their private details. 

More info on the Nominet whois can be found here at their FAQ: 
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