I have malware on my website, what can i do and how did it happen?

Recently we have noticed an increase in WordPress websites being compromised and malware being put on the site. There are several different reasons this can happen although typically the top two

reasons are:  


1 – Having malware on your local machine (tablet, laptop, pc etc) and the ‘hacker’ getting your website/cPanel login details that way. To avoid this, you should install anti-virus software on your local machine and scan it on a regular basis. 


2- Out of date WordPress or Plugins – as with any software it is always important to ensure you’re running the latest versions as these updates typically plug any previously found security loopholes as well as adding new features. Older versions that are left on our server are vulnerable to virus or malware attacks. 


Is it my responsibility? 


At BCS we provide you with your hosting space to do as you will (website, email etc) and the ability to securely access it. The responsibility of the customer is to ensure your website logins and your cPanel logins are kept secure and up to date and that any software you have loaded (e.g. WordPress) is also secure and up to date. If it is compromised at any stage, it is your responsibility to resolve the issue. Your web developer will be the best source to assist.  If you’re not on the very latest version of the software, you are using then that is a potential security risk as hackers can use the weakness by writing code to target the vulnerability. If you allow a virus or malware to get on the site, then it can affect your own customers as well as your reputation. 


What do we do? 


We ensure the server has the latest security patches. We also run occasional full server scans to ensure there is no malware on the server. If we do find any then we contact the appropriate person and request they remove the malware. 


How do I resolve this? 


As mentioned earlier your web developer should be your first point of contact as they know the site better than anyone else and should be able to solve the issue. If you don’t have one, then let us know and we will check if our developers from BCS-Studio are able to help. A small remediation charge will apply. 


For further information, you can view your hosting account T’s & C’s at the following - 


Broadband Cloud Solutions Ltd 

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