Sending lots of emails

For the benefit of all our customers, we do employ an "hourly limit" on client emails. This helps protect against spamming (either directly, or by a hacked website or insecure online form), and ensures minimal risk of getting the server mailserver blacklisted for everyone.

This limit can at times differ between servers, but typically it's set at anywhere between 200 and 500.

If you need to send more than this limit, you can do 2 things - send your emails out in batches, so you're never sending more than (approx) 200 in any one hour. Or.. ask us to increase the limit specific to your domain. If the latter, please submit a helpdesk ticket and confirm the following:

1) Your domain name that will be sending the emails
2) The volume you want to send (and please be realistic - don't ask for 1000 if your mailling list is 400)
3) That your mailing list is 100% opt-in 
4) A brief summary of the type of content you send.

With this info, we can then consider (on a case per case basis) upgrading your email quota.
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