Linux Hosting - Getting Started Guide

fter you have completed (and paid for) your order, you'll soon receive your "hosting details" welcome email, which contains all the information you'll need to access your account. Please keep this email safe.

In this guide, we'll refer to "" but please, when typing any of the links etc, substitute this for your own actual domain name!

Get to grips with Cpanel

The first thing that we'd recommend is logging into CPanel (the control panel) and having a look around. It may look daunting at first, but CPanel is very easy to use once you've gotten used to it, and for most clients, you'll only use a fraction of the powerful tools that it has available.

Login to CPanel at: using the username and password in you welcome email.

Spend some time browsing some of the Cpanel sections, and don't worry too much at this stage about "what does that do?"... You'll soon get to grips with the main thing syou need to know... If you're keen to know as much as possible, perhaps have a wee browse of the official CPanel Documentation
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