Advice on selecting new Domain names

Some Advice for registering Domains

Register more than one Domain suffix:

We would recommend registering a Business Name in at least .com and suffixes, which will help protect your name against:

  • Other businesses trying to cash in on your name (cybersquatters).
  • Legitimate businesses with a similar name to your own.

Remember that domains registered with other suffixes, are just as likely to appear in search engine results.

Know the Rules

  • A domain name can only consist of alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) and the punctuation mark dash (-). However, it must begin and end with either a letter or number.
  • A domain name is not case sensitive, so it doesn't matter whether you type in upper or lower case characters.
  • The Internet does not recognise gaps between letters or words so they must be removed or replaced by hyphens in both domain names and email addresses.
  • It is advisable for practical and aesthetic reasons to limit a name to less than twenty characters, but it must be more than 2 characters long.

Common Sense

As a general rule the shorter the name the easier it is for your clients to remember. But what is more important is choosing a name that is relevant to you or your business.
Using a zero is allowed but we would caution you that it could be confused with the letter 'o'.
Choose a name that is easily "spelt" so that your customers don't get confused when trying to type it into their browser.
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